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Kanha Bandhavgarh National Parks Tour

Both the national parks are in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The state is known for its tiger reserves and monumental historic sites. Madhya Pradesh is known for its national parks and their rich biodiversity. The state is blessed by bountiful nature, it is one of those places where one can see some of the most exotic creatures out in the wild. This state provides a trip in the serenity of nature and the wild world of fascinating animals.
Madhya Pradesh has nine national parks and six tiger reserves, it is a wildlife hotspot in India. Some of the iconic national parks include Kanha, Bandhavgarh, and Pench. Tourists can spot the most magnificent animal - Tiger here. Going through wildlife safari in these national parks and reserves is one of the most recommended activities in his state. Along with the adventure of safari and spotting these elusive animals it also offers the tourists to relax in the world full of these magnificent animals and creatures.
In these national parks, one can not only spot a tiger but also other animals including leopards, deer, wild boar, etc wild and free. These places offer a distinct landscape to nature lovers for a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. It is the best place to escape from all the humdrum affairs of people's busy life.

Tour Duration – 5 nights/ 6 days

Places To Visit
– Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Delhi
This national park is well known for its perfect habitat for both herbivores and carnivores animals. Spread across one hundred and twenty-two miles (122) i.e. 316 square meters of the central highlands with situated at an elevation of 2,000 to 3,000 feet. Also, by bringing up the buffer core zones altogether this national park and tiger reserve has a total of 1945 square feet of area. It was initially introduced as Banjar Valley Sanctuary in 1935, later around 1955 it became a national park. This park is situated in the Makal ranges of Satpuras in Madhya Pradesh proving to most aspiring placer creative creatures and animals. The national park is situated about 160 kilometers from Jabalpur.
This place has a tropical climate, summers here are rigorous and they can reach as high as 43 degrees Celsius but the central highland area of the jungle in Madhya Pradesh is also uniquely doused with the heavy monsoon that pours proving with an average rainfall of 1800 mm making the surroundings clear and greenish. On the other extreme winters in these jungles can be found shivering as the temperature drops dramatically around minus two degrees Celsius.
It is home to more than approximately 300 species of resident and migrating birds in the park. The eagle, bee-eater, common peafowl, red jungle fowl, Indian roller, racquet-tailed drongo, Indian grey hornbill, and the Malabar pied hornbill, as well as other rare species of birds, are found here.
It is a famous national park for being the best-managed place in Madhya Pradesh. The trip to this park is full of adventure and thrill where tourists can witness the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger as well as other animals like leopard, and barasingha (swamp deer) it is also known as a jewel of Kanha. It is one of the striking national parks. Apart from the tiger and Barasingha, one can also spot sloth bears, sambhars, chitals, gaur, and the Indian wild dog.
This reserve has been of prime fascination for various travelers around various corners of the world with the well-developed infrastructure specifically meant for the wildlife. This place has also been a source of inspiration for Mr. Rudra Kipling famous writer. He is famous for his outstanding creation of the book ‘The Jungle Book’.
Tourists visiting Kanha National Park and reserve directly take you to a widespread of habitat and lush greenery and wild creatures. They can go on an elephant safari covering certain locations of the reserve or take a jeep safari and you can take a closer look at the wildlife and greenery as well as capture the magnanimous images. They're also an option of a 4x4 open jeep where people can find different zones like Kisli, Mukki, Kanha, and Sarhi for enjoying jeep safari rides.
From October to June is best for all the wildlife lovers and photographers to capture a rare glimpse of the wildlife.
This museum is located inside the vicinity of the park. It can be one perfectly suited place for wildlife lovers to get acquainted with the topography and various aspects also facts about the place. This place provides information about the tribal culture and also depicts various attributes and activities of the park as well as Madhya Pradesh.
It is also referred to as the sunset point offers a scenic view of the jungle and beautiful sky. It is right next to the Kanha Tiger Reserve, one of the ideal places to relax with family and friends.
It is referred to as a traditional resort that was built by King Charmraj Singh. It is spread across 11 acres and adorned with Italian marble.
This national park is known as the biggest bastion for the tigers in India. This park is home to the world's highest density of Bengal Tigers. It starts from Vindya Hills of the Umari district in MP. The National park is spread across an area of 105 square kilometers. The area of the park has flourished with a large biodiversity. This place was declared a national park in 1968 and later became a tiger reserve in 1993. There are several man-made caves with inscriptions and rock paintings dating back around 2000 years ago.
This park has been divided into three zones named Tala, Magdi, and Bamera. Tala zone is known as the richest zone when it comes to biodiversity and tigers. This zone attracts the most tourists. All these three zones together form the core of this national park. Mandi zone is where Elephant shows are organized and this is the zone where you can find the king of the jungle.
This national park is a shelter for 37 other species of mammals, 250 odd species of birds, and around. 80 species of butterflies. This park has some of the most interesting histories as it is said that the very first white tiger was found in this parkland previously this was famed as a hunting ground of the Maharajas.
This National park consists of mixed vegetation ranging from tall grasslands to thick Sal forest making it a perfect habitat for birds and mammals. Due to this varied topography, the national park offers ample opportunities to spot the Indian tiger and some rare animals like leopards and sloth bears. With such high wildlife and nature, this national park is becoming popular amongst the tourist visiting India.
Bandhavgarh and other national parks stay closed during the monsoons i.e. from July to mid-October. The prime time to visit here is around November to March. It is when the park's landscape is green and has a favorable environment for birds to stay there. The best time to spot Tigers here is from April to May.
It is the oldest fort in India. This fort is surrounded by the lush green surroundings and a large variety of wild species making it all the more beautiful and a prime tourist attraction.
It is sort of a storehouse where all the belongings of Maharaja of Reva are kept on display. Tourists come and visit this place and explore the royal as well as jungle life of the park. It also displays the body of the very first white tiger being spotted by the Maharaja.
It presents a village with the most ethnic way of living. This village provides the tourists with the most fascinating landscapes all around the place.
It is situated near the Bandhavgarh Fort and is surrounded by bamboo clumps. This is where a large variety of wildlife herding happens. It is also referred to as a ‘Place to Quench the Thirst’.
Also known as Pendanus point. It is where a lump of the Kewra plant can be found amidst the Jamun and Arjun trees.
This park has an amazing landscape and the fittest topography. The elephant safari is popular and excites wildlife lovers to get closer to nature and the wild animals on this ride. With elephant safari, the tour is in a detailed manner and safe also people enjoy the ride. Jeep Safari: There is a 4x4 open jeep safari that can be done to get more close to the wildlife and be in the depth of nature and greenery. For all the wildlife lovers and photographers, this is the best way to explore the flora and fauna of the park.
Tourists planning their trip to Madhya Pradesh must at least space three to four days for both of these magnificent national parks to enjoy the flora and fauna of the parks.
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