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Real Viaggi India is not just directing you in your mission of exploring the magnetism and charisma of the desert but we also offer your senses a fervent and all dimensional cultural,historical and natural extravagance. Our outstanding and significant tour packages fetch for you some specially selected tourist destinations and give a unusual shade to your experience through eye-catching charms of that particular land.

Agra was once the capital of the Mughal Empire and even today it seems to linger in the past. The Mughal Emperors with their obsession for building able the city with some of the finest structure in the world. It is extremely simple to away here through the centuries into the grandeur and machinations of the Mughal Court. In Same Day Agra Tour is offer you exciting travel journey with the best experience visit historical buildings and some attractions monuments and it is said that its name was derived from Agrabana, a forest that finds mention in the epic Mahabharat. Agra came into limelight during thre rule of Sikandar Lodhi who had made it the capital of his empire. Later in 1526 A.D. The Mughal emperor Babar took upon himself the task of rendering Same Day Agra Trip, a unique character and beauty of its own. The prophet that he was and a huge patron of the art, Emperor forth some of the best craftsmen, artists, statesmen, warriors and nobility, this part of India had ever witness. The golden age of history, thus began to set in. It was during the moment in time of the third emperor Akbar that Agra came into its own. He embarked on the structure of the massive Agra Fort in 1565.